Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Airphil Express hits record sales, continues aggressive network expansion

Continuing their onslaught on the budget air travel market, Airphil Express announced today that their September and October performance has been the highest in the company's history. As their latest milestone of this growth spurt, the fast growing airline's marked its maiden flight October 27 to its first international destination, Singapore.

Airphil Express Vice President for Marketing and Media Maria Java stated that “Ever since our rebirth on March 28 of this year, Airphil Express has focused on expanding its route offerings and our service quality. With the introduction of our first regional flights to Singapore, the company has exceeded its revenue expectations for September and October. With the growth momentum, our forward booking are very strong and we expect to close the year with compelling numbers.”

Airphil Express inaugurated its first international route on its maiden flight that left NAIA Terminal 3 at 4pm and landed in Singapore's Changi Airport premier Terminal 2. Unlike other budget airlines that operate out of Changi's budget terminal, Airphil Express differentiates itself as the only Philippine budget airline that provides low cost fares with a premium travel experience. Changi Terminal 2 allows Airphil Express passengers to shop duty free extensively and avail of more efficient immigration and baggage handling services.

Before its rebranding into a full fledged low cost carrier, Airphil Express had little differentiating qualities in its flight offerings. Now with its new look, new management and a strong bias for customer benefit, Airphil Express is now touted as the country's fastest growing low-cost carrier and a strong contender in the regional market.

In the past month alone, APX received its first two of four brand new Airbus A320 aircraft and promptly launched additional flights to Cebu and Davao and opened new routes to Legazpi and Tagbilaran direct from Manila using the new aircraft.

“Our investors are very confident in the momentum of the airline. In fact, in our last board meeting, we confirmed commitments for investments from the Lucio Tan group amounting to some $250 Million dollars to be poured into the acquisition of up to 20 more aircraft to service both domestic and the expanding international operations. Improvements in technology and operational systems will also see serious fiscal investment. ” Java said.

“Our strength lies in growing our community markets, both domestically as well as regionally. In Singapore, we recently supported our expat Filipino community there at the 3rd Philippine Country Fair. Our rock bottom rate of SGD 30 one way was a hit among the Filipino professionals in that market.” added Java.

Last week, APX also launched expansion of its Bombardier Q400 serviced routes out of their Cebu headquarters. New flights from Cebu to Catarman, Naga and Ozamis were launched simultaneously last October 21.

As its third and fourth Airbus A320 aircraft are delivered end of November, APX immediately puts the birds to use for its direct flights out of Singapore to Cebu, where tourists can jump off directly to vacation spots such as Boracay, Surigao and other destinations serviced by APX's Cebu inter-island network.

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Airphil Express launches low cost Worry-free Travel Insurance

Airphil Express recently appointed travel insurance market leader Chartis Philippines Insurance Inc. to develop a specialized product for the fast growing low cost carrier's passengers. Launched to resounding positive feedback from fliers nationwide, Airphil Express' Worry-Free Travel Insurance coverage delivers coverage for all aspects of APX's service from point to point.

“ Our orientation as a low cost carrier with premium passenger value is only reinforced by our new Worry-Free Travel Insurance. We're very confident with Chartis Philippines as our service partner in responding to this customer need as they share our passion for consistent and considerate service at hardworking low cost to our customers. “ said Maria Java, Airphil Express Vice President for Marketing and Media.

The Worry-Free Travel Insurance product is exclusively designed for Airphil Express customers and offers affordable rates with quality coverage. Worry-Free Travel Insurance is conveniently available when making an online booking on

Airphil Express Worry-free travel insurance delivers full service protection as an option for tickets flying out of the Philippines and covers the flier for unforeseen events such as lost travel documents or accidents.

“Our clients are busy,value-conscious people. Where we can eliminate causes for concern and increase their comfort for the time they travel with Airphil Express, we'll do what's possible to respond to their need. Thus the minimal cost of P220 gets our passengers the peace of mind they deserve when they travel.” Java said.

The one step click that integrates the coverage into the airline website booking facility makes coverage a hassle-free, seamless process, assuring coverage instantly upon ticket issuance.
Anton Du Plessis, President and CEO of Chartis Philippines said, “We are delighted to begin our partnership with Airphil Express and the launch of this insurance program. The program provides the Filipino travelers who normally travel without protection easy, affordable and valuable insurance coverage.”

The world renowned protection coverage of Airphil Express by Chartis is the first of the airline's market responsive product options that will make domestic travel around the Philippines on Airphil Express truly a Worry-free experience. Travellers who purchase Manila-Singapore or Cebu-Singapore tickets may also enjoy Worry-Free coverage if tickets are purchased within the Philippines.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cheaper than the bus:Legazpi welcomes Airphil Express flights

Legazpi City welcomes daily flights on Airphil Express starting October 21, 2010. The country's fastest growing low-cost carrier adds premier South Luzon destination Legazpi City to its growing roster of routes and it does so in true low cost carrier fares starting at P850 one way (exclusive of taxes).

“ This is in response to the unmet demand for air travel in the Bicol region. Buses to and from South Luzon are packed to the hilt, take a whole day and cost as much as an airline seat. Airphil Express addresses this demand by assigning its most efficient aircraft to the route, the brand new Airbus A320 that allows us to serve Legazpi in world-class comfort, safety and efficiency for as low as your bus fare.” said Maria Java, Airphil Express' Vice President for Marketing and Media.

“With the delivery of the second of four Airbus A320's coming in this year, Airphil Express can now respond to growing low cost air transportation demand. Today alone, we launch 4 new destinations simultaneously. Apart from daily flights from Manila to Legazpi, APX now flies out of Manila direct to Tagbilaran, Bohol. Out of our Cebu headquarters, we are launching direct flights to Ozamis. Lastly, we launch Cebu-Catarman as well.” Java said.

In its efforts to remain consumer-focused and community specific in its approach to its aggressive expansion, the burgeoning low cost player is zeroing in the traditional bus and ship going market, essentially growing its own loyal base of passengers.

“Because we have remained dedicated to the individual passenger and his flight experience with us, Airphil Express is seeing a consistent return of passengers to its rosters. We expect to see Legazpi's bus going public flying with us to and from Legazpi.” Java added.

The choice of a larger aircraft servicing the Legazpi route will allow APX clients to load more baggage or cargo at considerably more reasonable rates. Airphil Express is still the only low cost carrier that gives 15 kilos free baggage. Beyond that, a minimal cost of P100 per kilo is charged.

APX flies to Legazpi, leaving Manila at 12:10 noon daily, arriving in Legazpi at 1:10 pm. The return flight to Manila leaves Legazpi at 1:40pm and arrives at Manila's NAIA Terminal 3 at 2:40pm.

Starting December 1, a second daily flight will ensue, flying out of Manila at 8:20 am and leaving Legazpi at 9:50 am.

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Airphil Express takes on mini-vacation capital, Bohol

Cheaper than the boat fare heading for Manila from Tagbilaran, Airphil Express begins daily flights to the enthralling “republic of Bohol” for as low as P1008 one way, exclusive of taxes.
Bohol is still the vacationer's best kept secret. Especially at end of the year when the cold hits the west, Bohol receives massive amounts of foreign mostly European tourist traffic settling into the warm beach villages on Panglao island.

“Bohol is truly the professional vacationers favorite mini-break destination. It's always been an easy hop for a day trip from Cebu to have a fresh seafood lunch on one of the Loboc river's floating resto rafts, pet a couple of tarsiers monkeys, test your knee power climbing to the viewing desk at the Chocolate hills, then bring back some calamay. You've all seen the pictures, but nothing beats being there yourself.” says Maria Java, Airphil Express Vice President for Marketing and Media.

Now the rest of Luzon can hop on the hour's flight to Tagbilaran where its a quick ride to Panglao and its quiet pristine beach and serious diving spectaculars or you can take the heritage tour of the Loboc church and other spanish-era structures. If you're really lucky, you'll catch an instant angelic concert courtesy of the Loboc children's choir while they practice.

Got a bit more time? Head for one of the smaller towns on the south side of the island and ask around for carabao milk cheese. The locals will gladly pan fry it for you and you can stretch-eat this tasty local mozzarella packed with flavor, it'll ruin it for you with all other cheeses.

Yes, all for as low as P1008 one way (w/out taxes) on Airphil Express. APX flies Manila to Tagbilaran daily at 9:40 am and leaves Tagbilaran back for Manila at 11:25 am.

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