Thursday, October 21, 2010

Airphil Express takes on mini-vacation capital, Bohol

Cheaper than the boat fare heading for Manila from Tagbilaran, Airphil Express begins daily flights to the enthralling “republic of Bohol” for as low as P1008 one way, exclusive of taxes.
Bohol is still the vacationer's best kept secret. Especially at end of the year when the cold hits the west, Bohol receives massive amounts of foreign mostly European tourist traffic settling into the warm beach villages on Panglao island.

“Bohol is truly the professional vacationers favorite mini-break destination. It's always been an easy hop for a day trip from Cebu to have a fresh seafood lunch on one of the Loboc river's floating resto rafts, pet a couple of tarsiers monkeys, test your knee power climbing to the viewing desk at the Chocolate hills, then bring back some calamay. You've all seen the pictures, but nothing beats being there yourself.” says Maria Java, Airphil Express Vice President for Marketing and Media.

Now the rest of Luzon can hop on the hour's flight to Tagbilaran where its a quick ride to Panglao and its quiet pristine beach and serious diving spectaculars or you can take the heritage tour of the Loboc church and other spanish-era structures. If you're really lucky, you'll catch an instant angelic concert courtesy of the Loboc children's choir while they practice.

Got a bit more time? Head for one of the smaller towns on the south side of the island and ask around for carabao milk cheese. The locals will gladly pan fry it for you and you can stretch-eat this tasty local mozzarella packed with flavor, it'll ruin it for you with all other cheeses.

Yes, all for as low as P1008 one way (w/out taxes) on Airphil Express. APX flies Manila to Tagbilaran daily at 9:40 am and leaves Tagbilaran back for Manila at 11:25 am.

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