Monday, May 23, 2011

Airphil Express is Recognized for Top Aircraft Reliability in the Oceania Region

Airphil Express, the fastest growing budget airline in the Philippines, was recently awarded the top airline reliability performance award for the Q400* aircraft in the Oceania region by Bombardier, besting other airlines within this product category and region.

Airphil Express achieved the highest overall dispatch reliability, and placed first overall in the Q400* aircraft category for the Oceania region.

Bombardier applauded Airphil Express’ outstanding performance at a ceremony held during the company’s fourth annual Award Gala Dinner in Toronto, Canada.

“The winners of the Airline Performance Reliability Awards have achieved world-class performance over the past year. We congratulate Airphil Express, its management team and all its employees on their excellent results,” said Todd Young, Vice President, Customer Services and Support, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

“We are proud of this tremendous achievement and all of our employees who contribute daily to the success of our operation,” said Alfredo Herrera, senior vice president for Marketing and Sales

The recognition was based on a review of the reliability statistics for airlines operating Q400* aircraft that have achieved over 99% dispatch reliability.

Airphil Express currently operates the newest aircraft fleet in the country. The company has more than 23 local destinations from its Manila hub alone, and at the end of 2010 introduced its first international destination, Singapore, with plans to launch more overseas destinations in the near future.

Airphil Express is also the only budget carrier in the region offering great-value travel services such as a 15 kg free baggage allowance and an added 7 kg hand carry allowance. It also provides excellent travel assistance like Web check-in, travel insurance, seat selector, and pre-paid baggage.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Air Express is aiming to make air travel the preferred mode of local travelers especially `balikbayans’ or returning overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) eager to see their relatives and friends quickly and comfortably at an affordable price.

SVP for Sales and Marketing Alfredo Herrera said the low-cost airline’s goal this year was to make travelers choose airlines as their number one choice in reaching their respective provinces from Manila or Cebu by bringing down their ticket prices at par with the cost of riding a bus or boat.

Bus fares from Manila-Legazpi range from Php 550-800 with an average travel time of 9 hours while ferry trips from Masbate City to Manila take about 19 hours with a going rate of Php 540 – 1,300 depending on the choice of on board accommodations. For Manila-Bohol travelers, trip last more than a day and rates go from PhP 1,800 – 3,200 via ferry.

Herrera said Airphil Express has already achieved this parity pricing in its Manila-Legazpi and Manila-Bohol routes where ticket prices are cheaper than riding a bus or boat in the same route. ``I think that people will soon think of airlines as their first choice of reaching their destination because we have been able to bring down the price of tickets. People used to sacrifice comfort and travel time because airline tickets were too steep. But with ticket prices going down, people will soon ride on buses and boats only if the airlines are full,’’ said Herrera.

Herrera said he expected the OFWs to make airlines their only choice in their connecting travel itinerary `` since most of them would want to reach their home provinces as quickly and comfortably as possible after coming in from a long-haul flight.’’ Airphil Express has invested in a new fleet, bringing in the modern Airbus A320 series to meet the growing demand from domestic and even international travelers. With the A320’s optimized legroom and elbowroom, passengers have access to stowage spaces, and world-class services from its pilots and cabin crew. Airphil Express also offers added-value travel services such as 15-kilo free baggage allowance, web check-in and seat selector.

The rapid expansion of budget airlines has spurred more Filipinos to spend a bigger cut of their budget for leisure travel

`` The future is bright for the leisure travel industry and we see passenger traffic doubling in the coming years,’’ said AirPhil Express Senior Vice-President for Marketing & Sales Alfredo M. Herrera.

Herrera said the entry and rapid growth of budget airlines in the country has made it more ``affordable’’ for Filipinos to travel not only for business but for vacation.

He added Filipinos used to prefer buses and ships as their mode of travel for their vacation in the country. But with competition in the budget airlines tightening, Herrera revealed the cost of an airline ticket is now within the reach to a broader number of Filipinos.

Airphil Express is currently the fastest growing budget airline in the country and it remains on course of being at par with the price of a bus or ship ride. ``Flying by air is faster, safer and more comfortable than land or sea and people will choose to travel by plane if they would pay the same price,’’ said Herrera.

Herrera further reveals, demand for leisure travel was coming from a wide base of consumers aged between 15 and 60 years old who were getting more information on travel destinations not only in the Philippines but also outside the country, " we believe in giving our customers more value so we continue to offer innovations to serve them better."

Airphil Express invested in a new fleet, comprising of modern Airbus A320 series to meet the growing demand from domestic and even international travelers. With the A320’s optimized legroom and elbowroom, passengers have access to stowage spaces, and world-class services from its pilots and cabin crew. Airphil Express offers valued travel services such as Web Check-in, Travel Insurance, Seat Selector, and Pre-Paid baggage. It is also the only budget airline that allows passengers a 15-kilo free baggage allowance plus 7 kilo hand-carry. Know more about Airphil Express visit

AirPhil Express Launches Dedicated Customer Service in Facebook & Twitter

The country’s fastest growing budget carrier AirPhil Express delivers an airline industry first in the Philippines: dedicated online customer service. The company will be present to serve and engage in the two online channels where its customers spend a significant amount of time – Facebook and Twitter.

Aside from its website, Airphil Express also provides the latest airline updates on flights, fares and promos online through its Facebook and Twitter pages. Fans can win prizes for participating in promos, discussions, and sharing experiences with each other.

According to Jasmin Eusebio, AirPhil Express AVP for New Media, “We don’t just sell affordable fares. As a growing budget airline, we take care of our passengers so that they will continue flying with us. We want and encourage their quick and candid feedback on how we can serve them better.”

Social media networks present challenges and opportunities to companies like AirPhil Express, and the low-cost carrier is eager to carry on a sustained level of support and real-time interaction with its customers through the internet platform. “We realize the potential of new media to immediately reach our passengers. Social networks will continue to evolve and we want to learn using these tools now to understand our customers better.”

Access and communication are at the heart of the online experience that the Facebook and Twitter pages will provide frequent travelers. Eusebio mentions that AirPhil Express is the first local airline to launch a dedicated customer service program in social media: “This is not a dipstick experiment. AirPhil Express intends to go full blast with online customer support. We want our passengers’ candid inputs so we can improve operations, design offers and services attuned to their needs.”

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AirPhil Express free baggage check-in is a best come-on among budget carriers

Airphil Express is keeping its free baggage perks to its consumers despite rising costs of operations as it seeks to attract more regular and new travelers on its flights.

Airphil Express is the only local carrier which allows passengers to carry up to 15 kilograms of baggage for free as other domestic airlines have stopped offering this complimentary.
``I think that aside from having the best price among budget airlines, AirPhil Express’ biggest come-on to fliers is our free baggage perks because other airlines charge passengers for every kilogram of luggage they check. People are beginning to realize that this makes their tickets more expensive so they appreciate our free baggage perks more,’’ said SVP for Marketing and Sales Alfredo Herrera.

Charges on check-in baggage have become a major source of profits for most airlines but Airphil Express believed that Filipinos were unique passengers in the market because they consider having free carry-on baggage as important as the cost of their airline ticket.

``Go to any airport in the world and you will notice that passengers with the most baggage being checked are Filipinos. This is why we have the `balikbayan box’. Filipinos are so close to their families and friends that it has become a tradition to bring in `pasalubong’ every time they travel,’’ said Herrera.

Herrera said Airphil Express has been able to maintain its free baggage perks while keeping its prices competitive due to its efficient management of resources, including its decision to use an all-new and a single type fleet, the Airbus A320.

``Like all companies we strive for profit but we have to balance this with building our market share for long-term growth. This is why we have kept our free baggage perks because this is unique to us,’’ said Herrera.AirPhil Express as it aims to become Filipinos’ low-cost carrier of choice has increased its A320 fleet and regional flights as well as offered added-value travel services such as The Seat Selector, Pre-Paid Baggage, and Web Check-In which can be accessed through .

AirPhil Express is raising the stakes in the budget airline beyond bargain basement ticket prices

AirPhil Express, the fastest growing Philippine airline, is upping the stakes in the budget airline business beyond bargain basement prices.

Airphil Express is making passenger safety, comfort, and convenience as its major selling points among budget airlines that have mostly sacrificed these factors for the sake off maintaining dirt-cheap prices.

SVP for Sales and Marketing Alfredo Herrera said that Airphil Express was eyeing to be the industry leader in these categories with its strategy of using only brand-new for its fleet and keeping the bulk of its flight schedule within normal time zones.

``The budget carriers will always be defined by pricing but airlines can only bring down their prices as much especially with the rising cost of fuel and labor. This is why we will highlight Airphil Express advantages in safety and comfort of our planes and the convenience of loading and unloading schemes as key marketing points aside from price,’’ said Herrera.

Herrera said that the company’s marketing studies showed that while price continue to be the main factor in a passenger’s choice of airlines, consumer demands for safety, comfort and convenience have become as important especially to second time fliers.

Airphil Express chose the Airbus A320 as its main steed because of its optimized legroom and elbowroom, and easily accessible storage spaces. APX also provides its passengers with a 15-kilo free baggage allowance.

Airphil Express convenience extends not only from its friendly schedule but also to its departure and arrival schemes that cut down the waiting and walking time for passengers. For example, Airphil Express is the only domestic airline that disembarks directly at the Changi airport in Singapore which allows passengers to get to their destinations faster.Airphil Express flies to major cities in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. By April 2010, it will open up its second international destination, Hong Kong.


In this burgeoning era of budget air travel, price alone -- while remaining a major consideration when making flight decisions -- does not drive the market all the time. As consumers demand more value for their peso, AirPhil Express distinguishes itself as “the airline with a heart” by adhering to a low-cost carrier model that strives to take good care of its passengers even as it offers affordable airfare.

Passengers of AirPhil Express can now avoid long lines at the airport and enjoy travel ease without having to spend so much, with three new service products launched in December last year. The new services reward consumers who book in advance by 1) allowing them to pre-reserve their seats at a minimal cost, 2) providing a special discount off the standard excess baggage rate, and 3) offering a more convenient way to check-in.

At a minimal fee, the Seat Selector makes available to passengers their desired seats per flight sector upon booking, highlighting convenience for passengers who go to the website themselves to get the seats they want. With just a simple click, travelers can choose spacious Preferred Seats (located in the first two rows and exit rows) costing P200 each, inclusive of tax, and/or Standard Seats (any of the seats in the remaining rows) worth P100, inclusive of tax. Available from the time of booking up to 48 hours prior to flight departure, the Seat Selector is especially helpful among frequent travelers who have specific seat preferences, while the tech-savvy younger set, accustomed to the concept of reserved seating such as in modern cinemas, will likewise welcome this service feature.

Biyaheros who bring with them a lot of personal belongings and pasalubongs for loved ones will appreciate the Pre-Paid Baggage product that lets passengers pay their excess bags between the time of booking up to 48 hours prior to their departure. With this service, passengers can claim as much as 20% discount off the standard excess baggage rate.

The third product offers peace of mind to AirPhil Express passengers. By availing the Web Check-In service, waiting in long lines is minimized and transaction time is reduced since passengers will simply proceed to the dedicated check-in lane to have their bags weighed in and to exchange the virtual boarding pass before the flight. The product can be availed from 24 hours to 3 hours before the scheduled departure time.

The three travel service initiatives of AirPhil Express are in addition to the worry-free Travel Insurance product that was launched in October last year. The new products accommodate the needs and preferences of the passenger by delivering convenience in the most efficient, affordable way, making life that much easier for the traveler. The Seat Selector, Pre-Paid Baggage, and Web Check-In can be accessed through the AirPhil Express website, today and get more exciting deals on your next travel.