Wednesday, April 4, 2012


To my Airphil Express Family,

I wish to share with you a very important development in Airphil Express' corporate existence.

Last night, San Miguel Corp. president Ramon S. Ang and I, signed an investment agreement which paves the way for SMC's entry into Airphil Express.

This development bodes well for the airline as one of the country's fastest growing low-cost carriers. The expected infusion of fresh capital and planned acquisition of new fleet are expected to result in better service to the flying public and more secure jobs.

I am proud to say that over the past several years, Airphil Express has displayed competitive edge in the market clamoring for affordable yet efficient airline service. It has been a tough and uphill climb, but we managed to survive in this challenging airline environment.

SMC's entry should further boost efforts towards ensuring synergy between our two companies. With this mindset, I believe we are entering into a new and exciting phase in our corporate existence.

I look forward to your continuing support in making Airphil Express the leading low cost carrier in the country.



  1. Good day! I would like to suggest that airphil express should provide bayad centers for those who do not have any credit cards in purchasing their tickets online. I do hope that you will consider this request. Thank you and God bless airphil express..

  2. Good day. I would also like to suggest that should credit card holders purchase ticket/s of their relatives, neighbors, etc , upon check in ticket holders should not be asked to present the credit card used nor present authorization letters as what the competitors did. In our place many wanted to book and buy tickets from pal/ airphil express using smartmoney cards, credit cards of friends but due to the inconvenience of requiring prsentation of cards or authorization, they opted to move to another airline.

    1. A photocopy of the credit card and valid ID of the card holder will do. So you can purchase tickets for your relatives using a credit card.

  3. Good day Dr.Tan. Kindly do something against the irresponsible Promotion of Air Philippines in asking Tourists to come to Donsol and "play" with the whale sharks.Airlines like yours should help protecting the environment not contributing to further harm.I sincerely hope this message is going to reach you!

  4. I have booked my guests thru web online MNL/ZAM VV ZAM/SDK VV on Mar 12, travelling June 7 and June 10 respectively,to attend my Wedding on June 8. No email received from your end that you have suspended the flight Zam/SDK. I have to find it out froma friend who is also travelling out from MNL/ZAM/SDK.
    I have to call your agent in KUL Pacific World Travel to confirm and was told it was cancel last week and yet to receive instruction from you end the status to all pax that booked on that flights.
    By agreeing to your terms and conditions you are bound to take paxs to their respective destinations and to arrange alternative flights or fully refund the whole flights.

    Appreciate to get your personal attention to this as this is unfair for me and my guests on this inconvenience created by your end. Airasia, will advised paxs on cancellation flights will will give us options whether to refund or alternative flight. CEO are hands on when we face this problem.

    For your quick ref.
    Ref no. PSDCLA mnl/zam
    Ref no. DBVBEK zam/sdk
    Ref no. KBIZVX. Sdk/zam
    Ref no. DQQQDM zam/mnl

    I hope your goodself will do something on this.

    Thank you.

    Kind Rgds,

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