Thursday, May 5, 2011


In this burgeoning era of budget air travel, price alone -- while remaining a major consideration when making flight decisions -- does not drive the market all the time. As consumers demand more value for their peso, AirPhil Express distinguishes itself as “the airline with a heart” by adhering to a low-cost carrier model that strives to take good care of its passengers even as it offers affordable airfare.

Passengers of AirPhil Express can now avoid long lines at the airport and enjoy travel ease without having to spend so much, with three new service products launched in December last year. The new services reward consumers who book in advance by 1) allowing them to pre-reserve their seats at a minimal cost, 2) providing a special discount off the standard excess baggage rate, and 3) offering a more convenient way to check-in.

At a minimal fee, the Seat Selector makes available to passengers their desired seats per flight sector upon booking, highlighting convenience for passengers who go to the website themselves to get the seats they want. With just a simple click, travelers can choose spacious Preferred Seats (located in the first two rows and exit rows) costing P200 each, inclusive of tax, and/or Standard Seats (any of the seats in the remaining rows) worth P100, inclusive of tax. Available from the time of booking up to 48 hours prior to flight departure, the Seat Selector is especially helpful among frequent travelers who have specific seat preferences, while the tech-savvy younger set, accustomed to the concept of reserved seating such as in modern cinemas, will likewise welcome this service feature.

Biyaheros who bring with them a lot of personal belongings and pasalubongs for loved ones will appreciate the Pre-Paid Baggage product that lets passengers pay their excess bags between the time of booking up to 48 hours prior to their departure. With this service, passengers can claim as much as 20% discount off the standard excess baggage rate.

The third product offers peace of mind to AirPhil Express passengers. By availing the Web Check-In service, waiting in long lines is minimized and transaction time is reduced since passengers will simply proceed to the dedicated check-in lane to have their bags weighed in and to exchange the virtual boarding pass before the flight. The product can be availed from 24 hours to 3 hours before the scheduled departure time.

The three travel service initiatives of AirPhil Express are in addition to the worry-free Travel Insurance product that was launched in October last year. The new products accommodate the needs and preferences of the passenger by delivering convenience in the most efficient, affordable way, making life that much easier for the traveler. The Seat Selector, Pre-Paid Baggage, and Web Check-In can be accessed through the AirPhil Express website, today and get more exciting deals on your next travel.

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