Thursday, May 5, 2011

AirPhil Express Launches Dedicated Customer Service in Facebook & Twitter

The country’s fastest growing budget carrier AirPhil Express delivers an airline industry first in the Philippines: dedicated online customer service. The company will be present to serve and engage in the two online channels where its customers spend a significant amount of time – Facebook and Twitter.

Aside from its website, Airphil Express also provides the latest airline updates on flights, fares and promos online through its Facebook and Twitter pages. Fans can win prizes for participating in promos, discussions, and sharing experiences with each other.

According to Jasmin Eusebio, AirPhil Express AVP for New Media, “We don’t just sell affordable fares. As a growing budget airline, we take care of our passengers so that they will continue flying with us. We want and encourage their quick and candid feedback on how we can serve them better.”

Social media networks present challenges and opportunities to companies like AirPhil Express, and the low-cost carrier is eager to carry on a sustained level of support and real-time interaction with its customers through the internet platform. “We realize the potential of new media to immediately reach our passengers. Social networks will continue to evolve and we want to learn using these tools now to understand our customers better.”

Access and communication are at the heart of the online experience that the Facebook and Twitter pages will provide frequent travelers. Eusebio mentions that AirPhil Express is the first local airline to launch a dedicated customer service program in social media: “This is not a dipstick experiment. AirPhil Express intends to go full blast with online customer support. We want our passengers’ candid inputs so we can improve operations, design offers and services attuned to their needs.”

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  1. Congrats Airphil. It's a good move. As a customer, it feels good when someone attends to your needs. I hate it when I try to ask some questions on other airlines fb pages and no one answers except some sarcastic fans. It's like a free marketing strategy and other airlines doesn't know how to use them. good for you

  2. for many years ive been flying cebupac, 10 yrs+, but now im with airphilipinnes, mainly because they take my usa credit card visa without all the problems that ive been getting with cebupac.

  3. besides airph. gives free 15 kilo luggsge and also the flights in philippines are much cheaper

  4. I made a reservation on Nov 24, 2011 bound for Manila and later found out that instead of getting an afternoon I forgot to click on the right sked so I made again another reservation the same date, same passenger but at an afternoon sked. So I decided to cancel the first reservation I made, void payment and refund my payment. Payment made thru a creditcard but I had a hard time getting through your hotline until finally I have spoken with an agent and was advised to send an email to online solution. I wrote an email immediately the day after I made my transaction that October 4, 2011 since I made my transaction on Oct 3, 2011. But unfortunately none from Airphil Express have replied me. Can anyone from here help me out on how to go over this matter. I very much hopeful to get a refund since flight sked is too way far from now. Please send me an email at Thank you so much.

  5. Great insight! Love the idea of dedicated customer service in facebook & twitter

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  6. how can I cancel a flight? i bought the ticket on line

  7. Dedicated customer service via Facebook. It's a lie...a farce...I emailed this airline with my issues via Facebook. They responded and told me to email an actual email address (rather than forward my message for me). A week later I'd still not received a reply. I notice that they always cancel flights on the route I would fly most often HKG-CEB, so I guess I'll stick with Cebupac....I know all Phils airlines are rubbish..if only they could look at service outside of Phils and learn from that!

  8. thank god at libre pa rin ang check in baggage ninyo

  9. I sent an email inquiry last December 2011 to confirm a call I received from a supposed Airphil rep re adjustment of my departure time for the March 15 flight. Until now I have not received a reply. I've been calling the hotline for days and I ended up waiting for a customer service to pick up my call. I have not spoken to any customer rep until now.

  10. I think it's great, because it's always good to be socially connected with your clients. At the moment, Twitter and Facebook are one of the most popular websites where people are, that's why companies are moving their stuff to social websites. :)

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  11. I am so glad to see that there are blogs like this one!! great blog, great post, have nothing to say except BRAVO!!

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  12. hi. its been more than 60 days now and i still haven't received the credit refund for my tickets. i was trying to contact the number provided on your refund invoice but everytime im calling that number, no one is answering. its really frustrating because it took too much time calling you yet no one is picking up the line? i just want to know the status of my refund. -jhoanna artus

    1. Hi Jhoanna,
      Were you able to get refund na? I am in process in getting a refund, at grabe, wala naman sa online instructions kung ano anong hinihinging dokumento. Nakakapanginit ng ulo, tipong paiikot ikutin ka lang. Daig pa magnanakaw nitong airline na to.

  13. I read story and i will also try to get this service from twitter and facebook.

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