Thursday, May 5, 2011

AirPhil Express free baggage check-in is a best come-on among budget carriers

Airphil Express is keeping its free baggage perks to its consumers despite rising costs of operations as it seeks to attract more regular and new travelers on its flights.

Airphil Express is the only local carrier which allows passengers to carry up to 15 kilograms of baggage for free as other domestic airlines have stopped offering this complimentary.
``I think that aside from having the best price among budget airlines, AirPhil Express’ biggest come-on to fliers is our free baggage perks because other airlines charge passengers for every kilogram of luggage they check. People are beginning to realize that this makes their tickets more expensive so they appreciate our free baggage perks more,’’ said SVP for Marketing and Sales Alfredo Herrera.

Charges on check-in baggage have become a major source of profits for most airlines but Airphil Express believed that Filipinos were unique passengers in the market because they consider having free carry-on baggage as important as the cost of their airline ticket.

``Go to any airport in the world and you will notice that passengers with the most baggage being checked are Filipinos. This is why we have the `balikbayan box’. Filipinos are so close to their families and friends that it has become a tradition to bring in `pasalubong’ every time they travel,’’ said Herrera.

Herrera said Airphil Express has been able to maintain its free baggage perks while keeping its prices competitive due to its efficient management of resources, including its decision to use an all-new and a single type fleet, the Airbus A320.

``Like all companies we strive for profit but we have to balance this with building our market share for long-term growth. This is why we have kept our free baggage perks because this is unique to us,’’ said Herrera.AirPhil Express as it aims to become Filipinos’ low-cost carrier of choice has increased its A320 fleet and regional flights as well as offered added-value travel services such as The Seat Selector, Pre-Paid Baggage, and Web Check-In which can be accessed through .


  1. Hi

    This is awesome 15kg free!

    if ever it excess how mush would be it be?

  2. I cant find your handcarry policies online, and i have been waiting 20 mins for an agent to answer my call. my ear aches already.
    i have heard lots of first hand negative stories about handcarry policies. pls publish your handcarry policies.

  3. After almost 30 mins, I put down the phone.
    First hand Stories are:
    1) 5 kilos only instead of standard 7.
    2) 5 kilos is ALL items, including handbags, camera, coats, and items generally considered to not be included in the handcarry allowance.
    3) If traveling with an invalid, the invalid (Parapelegic) must carry their own 5 kilos. the guard will not allow the nurse or parent to carry the bag of the invalid, but instead, the parent will be charged extra.
    ALSO, I want to get your policy on laptops.
    If this info is on your site, its so burried that google cant find it easily, and its not clearly linked to your home page.
    I cannot get this cleared up, because your customer service line is so clogged with calls.
    pls answer, before I go ro the airport in an hour. I've already wasted one hour.

  4. how much will it cost for me if i am going to have a check in luggage?

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    It's under "Baggage". Every information you need to know is in there...

  7. hello!? the 15kg free baggage does it include thecheck in baggage too? or just carry in baggage?